Ronald Gelacio

Digital Marketing, Web Development,

& Multimedia 


- S.E.O.

- Web Development

- Digital Marketing

- Social Media 


- Content Creation

- Video Production

- Audio Production

- Graphic Design

Behind The Scenes

Time-lapse video of me creating a flyer for a client to promote their 4th of July event. I used Adobe Photoshop.

I'm a very creative person who loves to make awesome stuff. In 2015 I challenged myself to learn how to develop a simple game app. I named it "Lumpia Boy" =)



Fun Fact: I wrote, recorded, & produced a song that's now on all major streaming platforms.

Filming a segment for ChromaUp.

I was awarded by a non-profit org for community work.

Talking to students about college readiness.

Wedding singers - My twin brother and I love music. It's one of our passions.  

I used to play in a band when I was younger.

I was a champion wrestler in high school.

- M.V.P.

- Eastern League Champion

- San Diego City Conference Champion


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